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    Single Blade Dry Cutting & Squaring Line
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    Single Blade Dry Cutting & Squaring Line

     Product parameters

    HZJ-2 Full Automatic Single Blade Dry Cutting & Squaring Line

    Functions: Cutting and Squaring

    Features: High speed, low cost, high efficiency

    Full Automatic Single Blade Dry Cutting & Squaring Line is mainly applied to cut tile into 2 halves or 4 equal pieces in ceramic manufacturing and further processing industries. It has solved the problems of high cost, low efficiency, poor quality. The output of this line can reach 5500 SQM per day for cutting 600mm x 600mm tiles into 600mm x 300mm, which is equivalent to the amount of a kiln.

    HZJ-2 Cutting Machine
    Ordinary Cutter(saw blades dia 300mm)
    Ordinary Cutter(saw blades dia 114mm)
    Output as per 8 hours 
    11200 pieces(600X300)
    1800 pieces(600X300)
    1500 pieces(600X300)



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