Ceramics 2013 completion of the regulation to enhance task
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Ceramics 2013 completion of the regulation to enhance task
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Ceramic industry, clean energy alternatives and environmentally friendly "three simultaneous" system to the implementation of co-ordination forum held in the Cizao Government. Jinjiang City Vice Mayor Wang Maoquan attended the meeting. Including some ceramic equipment: ceramic processing equipment, continuous referral brick, tile cutter, tile edging machine, stone polishing machine lines, ceramic cutting machine, tile processing equipment, continuous referral brick, tile water jet cutting machines, water jet cutting machines and other

It is reported that the Jinjiang ceramic pottery main origin in cizao within the pit, Zimao three towns, and focus on Cizao. The pottery industry is a large investment in fixed assets, labor-intensive industries, enterprises every year invested heavily in the transform and upgrade equipment.

With the negative effects of China's building materials industry in the booming, cleaner production has become the main theme of the benign and healthy development of China's ceramics industry, while in the process. Jinjiang ceramics are engaged in the transformation and upgrading, and to use natural gas instead of water gas as the only way out of the ceramic industry continue to carry out production. Deepen the rectification program "under the" 12 "emission reduction tasks and the ceramic industry in Jinjiang City pollution, the ceramic industry in Jinjiang in 2013 to guide the ceramic enterprises in batches using natural gas, and elimination of the gas furnace, complete The ceramic industry to deepen the rectification and upgrade tasks.

The meeting stressed that environmental protection and energy saving and emission reduction is related to the development of the entire ceramics industry in the future, how to do the industrial transformation and upgrading is an important issue in the ceramic industry is currently facing. Jinjiang ceramic industry, we must do to comply with energy saving, environmental protection and the "three at the same time, towns, chambers of commerce should actively guide and actively participate in the ceramic industry to environmental protection on the outstanding loans to pay off。

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