Pincer attack from both inside and outside of the ceramic industry, the depth adjustment
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Pincer attack from both inside and outside of the ceramic industry, the depth adjustment
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The development of Chinese ceramic cutting machine industry, anti-dumping has been accompanied by a. In recent years, part of the export-dependent enterprises to withstand excessive tariffs "forced" to exit the international market. Recently, ceramic enterprises in China is in a the embattled dilemma. On the one hand, from Indonesia and other countries imposing anti-dumping of ceramic cutting machine business. The other hand, the gate of fire adverse impacts by the impact of the domestic real estate control policies, ceramic cutting machine in the "internal and external" also emerged out of a lot of questions.

Vigilance "Butterfly Effect"

China's ceramics industry has been in production in the 1990s, the world's first production accounts for about 70 percent of the world, building ceramics cutting machine enterprises mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Sichuan, Fujian and other areas. Foshan ceramics and other products exported $ 2.2 billion in 2010, accounting for 55% of the total national exports. To insiders, the anti-dumping, more than 2,000 ceramic enterprises affected, amounting to $ 700 million.

The European Commission published on the EU anti-dumping investigation notice "of ceramic kitchen utensils, the release of the notice, the EU launched a comprehensive anti-dumping on ceramic products in China. In front of this notice, the European Union on China's export enterprises to impose anti-dumping duty of 69.7%, the implementation period until 2016.

Ministry of Commerce revealed that the Indonesian Anti-Dumping Committee released the anti-dumping investigations arbitration before the disclosure of ceramic tableware products, and 87 percent anti-dumping duty be levied on these products.

Offers newspaper network industry analyst Gan Pitt said, after anti-dumping mainly in the field of ceramic tile, the Indonesian anti-dumping has been entered into the application areas, such anti-dumping measures, although not a pronounced effect, but may lead to other countries or regions anti-dumping on Chinese ceramic tableware in the long run, still makes China's ceramics exports deteriorating situation.

Capacity expansion orders plummeted

Investment Advisor in the building materials industry researcher Chen Zhang Li said, "anti-dumping for our country," Ceramics of all, "the Guangdong Foshan's ceramics export enterprises resulting in greater impact, have been, of Foshan ceramic processing amount than a larger, account for our ceramic export amount of 80 % of exports in the past few years, for example, from exports in 2006 was only $ 21,910,000, rose to $ 280 million in 2010, nearly 13 times the growth rate of 67.1 percent per year growth. "

According to the introduction of Asian ceramics CEO Po ASDC, the EU anti-dumping, and only in the second half of last year's Canton Fair, merchants from Europe declined by more than 50% of the volume of orders declined by nearly 30%.

Chen Zhang Li believes that, subject to the international economic situation, the domestic macroeconomic environment, raw materials, rising labor costs as well as anti-dumping impact of China's ceramic industry continued to remain weak trend, ceramics gradually down the price level, ceramic enterprises to survive the pressure gradually increased, our ceramic market will face industry in the winter.

Ceramic enterprises urgent need for industrial restructuring

According to industry experts, analysts, ceramic export commodities value-added, easy to form the low prices. Apart from a few large enterprises, Guangdong many export ceramic production enterprise R & D center is smaller, R & D capability is weak, resulting in ceramics with the developed countries compared to low-tech, can not enter the high-end market. weak brand awareness of the many companies, there is no independent brand many OEM phenomenon. to seize the market in foreign markets, often at low prices, leading to anti-dumping followed, therefore, domestic ceramics industry needs transformation and upgrading, if they must respect the rules of the game, go free, fair, virtuous, orderly, and the integrity of the competition track. must strengthen product innovation, and establish its own brand, to enhance the international competitiveness of products. the need to develop emerging market, advancing to the weaker countries and regions of anti-dumping momentum.

Foshan ceramic cutter Industry Association executive vice president the Wuhuan Liang has said that although China is the birthplace of the ceramic, but some products also take "concrete actions", but in the ceramic product development, production and branding, especially ceramics for daily use such as ceramic kitchen utensils, etc., has lagged behind Europe. And disorderly competition between them intense, low-level redundant construction is more serious, brand awareness is not strong, connotation thin ceramic, lack of cultural support, and that has caused a vicious cycle of low prices. Export anti-dumping, the domestic market uncertainty, overcapacity has become the prominent problems of the current ceramics development.

"In order to avoid price competition and stimulate the market, looking for more living space, ceramic enterprises can proceed from the following points: First of all, to improve the scientific and technological content of ceramic products, thus enhancing the quality of the product, thereby enhancing the market competitiveness; Second, product innovation production of new products and increase product diversity, differentiation, personalization competition; again, and actively explore new markets, to avoid vicious competition in the industry of high concentration. "Chen Zhang Li said.
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