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    Ceramics industry, competition is getting intense cross-border operation to grab
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    Ceramics industry, competition is getting intense cross-border operation to grab
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              Since March, the ceramic market is mostly playing the promotional battle. The first 3.15, the Consumer Protection Day has become a bustling section of product promotion; then "51" mini vacation, people rare leisure days, turned into businesses competing for promotion to the Golden Week. Gradually into the decoration season, pay attention to the building materials market, a lot of ceramic cutting machine brand in the "price" to move the hearts of consumers. Of course, the dealers make an issue of the backlog of goods, but because the financial crisis, and some decoration owners do not then catch up with the trend of "cheap promotional signs on the businesses to play they are still quite attractive. Competition, the most direct impact on the business price war. You do not drop, I drop to grab the market, it is difficult to stick to the position of the case, promotions are everywhere. Even some of the old product prices have been strong, but also could not help but to join the industry markdowns.

    Large ceramic cutting machine business and fierce competition

    It is observed that the "May Day" sales do not bring much surprise to the business, the business can only be said to be barely acceptable. Have a certain role in boosting the improvement of the export tax rebate rate on exports, but the pull of the domestic market is still not see what effect, the future is difficult to predict. The financial tsunami has further deepened the trend in this case, many of the ceramic cutting machine manufacturers facing a transition. For survival, ceramic cutting machine companies each applied to each method, the competition in the domestic market, one can imagine would be more intense, dealers want to carve up the cake of ceramic cutting machine, is not so easy.

    In recent years, Guangdong Jiangmen market brands and distributors of ceramic cutting machine is more and more. The impact of the financial crisis, business is more difficult, but the Ministry of Finance since April 1, Jianwei ceramic cutting machine tax rebate rate to 9%, Does this mean that the ceramic business than before, better to do it? Raising the rate of export tax rebate, the dealer is in fact not much bigger issue is that the financial crisis has led to export difficult, keen competition in the domestic market, business is harder to do than ever before. Although the the Jiangmen real estate market has been relatively stable, but more and more businesses operating ceramic business are thin.


    Competition, but not yet entered the era of meager profit

    Distributor of ceramic cutting machine in the process of going through the financial tsunami, it is inevitable to reduce the sales price as a competitive means many companies comparisons with lower prices and profits certainly decline. Jiangmen ceramics market saturation, resulting in a lot of business backlog of more goods than ever before. Supply greatly exceeds the market demand for ceramic cutting machine industry into a buyer's market, dealers in order to reduce the backlog of goods, of course, only lower profits in order to increase sales.

    Cross-border operation to grab the market of ceramic cutting machine

    Eight Immortals, recount. Enterprises for the sake of survival, but also development in recent years, a growing number of ceramic enterprises began to cross-border business. For example, we can easily see the operating ceramic cutting machine business start concurrently bathroom, and operating sanitary businesses are also involved in the ceramic cutting machine industry, consumers confuse Which is the main tile, Which is the main bathroom, ceramic sanitary cross-border business phenomenon. In the building materials market, many shops selling ceramic tiles and sold the sanitary products, bathroom shops selling business tile cutting machine sales.

    Merchant said, are common ceramics and ceramic cutting machine, bathroom ceramics and bathroom with each other in order to complement each other. The production of bathroom model rooms, is inseparable from the use of ceramic decoration in order to reflect the overall effect, as the laying of ceramic showroom also need bathroom facilities with, so cross-border operation of the ceramic and sanitary has been the driving force behind.

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