Ceramic cutting machine to achieve the price of unity difficult
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Ceramic cutting machine to achieve the price of unity difficult
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      Prices for businesses and consumers, are the most sensitive factors. Ceramic cutting the price of the machine, both sensitive and mysterious. Recently, the price is not uniform across the country, the industry said, "This year's strategy is a unified national price." This language is not only revealed the reality now ceramic market price transparency, low, it also reflects the ceramic cutting machine market to standardize The way lies. Thus can not help but think of the word of the unspoken rules.

      The so-called hidden rules is no express provision, but the actual work, the industry generally follow operating practices and rules. Widespread consumption of the unspoken rules, to challenge state laws and regulations, undermine social fairness and justice, contrary to the public standard of value, the expense of consumer safety, right to information, options, fair trading rights and other legitimate rights and interests, have done great harm. Subject to disinfect dishes such as the 12:00 settlement of the hotel industry, catering industry fees.

      Ceramic cutting machine market price into the unspoken rules of the industry to look forward to a unified national price

      Compared with the consumption of the unspoken rules, ceramic cutting machine industry, there are many identical or similar, such as price. First of all, pricing businesses unilateral act, to pay by consumers, consumers generally do not know the cost of the ceramic cutting machine is the number of profit plus the number of the composition of the price of what is included, is the number. Secondly, due to the production characteristics and place of origin and other reasons, ceramic cutting machine products in terms of price, the manufacturers do not have transparent argument, leading with the increase of circulation, rising prices, resulting in less around the same price, sometimes the difference is significant. Ceramic cutting machine business, said ceramic cutting machine products from a factory on a "value-added trip, as products become commodities, and ultimately thrilling hop, every link will have a fare increase content, the price of a mix of a lot of the fare increase water, resulting in ceramic cutting machine product prices vary.

      In addition, the ceramic cutting machine companies also face the raw materials and fuel costs, rising labor costs, transportation costs, management costs, product prices naturally gone up. Rising costs, by tapping the potential cost reduction, innovation and technical innovation, energy conservation, strengthen management and other means to digest the one hand, turn Jia is also an option to allow consumers to pay directly to the rising costs on to consumers, although dirty , but use a lot of people. Meanwhile, in the terminal market for ceramic products, the retail price Tuangou Jia, works price much higher. Many consumers demand their sights on the discounts of the business, often this activity is bound to sales, who enthusiastically purchase, which is the business use of price-sensitive factors, toggle the modus operandi of the consumers to buy nerve.

      Implement a unified national price for consumers, is definitely a good thing, but in practice, but only one word: hard. Not to mention how tedious operation to implement the program, solely on the challenge of the unspoken rules of the industry, it will be prohibitive. While this may be is the trend, but that now the market is not very mature, consumer awareness is a process, "Wood show in the forest, the wind will destroy the; heap for the shore, the flow will be turbulent; higher than the line of people, the public must be non-"the old saying, and will encounter resistance and pressure from the dealer. But companies want to develop, market, must be standardized by the first one to eat crab "hero" to lead, it was possible to mass response, the formation of the mainstream. We hope that all things on the sunlight, but why the price of secrecy is chosen to turn a blind eye to it as the unspoken rules and long-term hiding, refused to drying in the sun?

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