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    On the future development direction of China Ceramic Industry
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    On the future development direction of China Ceramic Industry
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            Throughout the development of China's ceramics industry, especially the last decade, we can say is get the rapid development, even the scale of the output value of the brand or company, which mainly due to the development of the real estate industry, as such development momentum will continue for a few years, it also depends on the development of the real estate industry. It can be said of China's ceramics industry is directly linked to the ditch in the real estate, because the main products in the ceramic industry, tiles, sanitary ware and other products closely related to the family home, you can go under the top ten brands of Chinese ceramics industry, Which brand's flagship product, not with the real estate is closely related to it. Ceramics company, how about if there is real estate development market crash, product market or the market is more intense, there is no thought on how to survive. Some people may think that this may be almost impossible, because of China's real estate will only move forward more, the problem is the development of anything there is always a limit, if you have the ability to think, to prepare, it is not much cramming more positive it?

           That should be in which direction to develop it?

           While the ceramic industry is a traditional industry, but also a very wide industry, no matter from ancient times to the present dynasty which human beings are basically inseparable from the ceramic, then to the modern, and a variety of materials out of metal, plastic , resin, etc., but the development of ceramic materials applications has been relatively limited, the reason there are ceramics are relatively fragile, easily broken, and the other is handling too much trouble, relatively bulky, there is the production process are not too many improvements.

    But if we jump out of China to see the world, there will in fact the development of the ceramic industry in foreign countries in fact have a high technical level.

    Not only the ceramic materials, ceramic products, enough to put it on the high-tech products. The special ceramic high-performance composite zirconia application of the products produced, for example: light weight, rugged wear, the scope is broad. Submarine anechoic tiles on the space shuttle's tiles related ceramics ...... special ceramics market prospect is broad, according to the parties concerned are expected of special ceramics market in 2015, the output value will reach 45 billion yuan. Which can be assessed with a number of ceramic brand focused Foshan a few pieces of cake it.

    Special ceramic road of development will be the future direction of development of the China Ceramic Industry, ceramic enterprise survival and growth of the fundamental, no technology is not the right to speak! Only in this way to the ceramic high-tech industry, in order to be worthy of the "china" title.

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